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Anthony RussellAnthony Russell


Born and raised in Kenya and the UK, Anthony is an artist, designer, musician, and most of all, mad-keen conservationist with a passion for lions and Maasai culture. The son of a famed Kenyan hunter and safari operator, Anthony has drawn upon a lifetime of experience in the East African wilderness, a deep knowledge of tribal culture and a rebellious and artistic spirit to create some of Africa’s most desirable and eco-friendly luxury safari camps and lodges, including Che Shale in Malindi, Shompole, Olarro and Naibor in the Masai Mara and Galdessa in the Tsavo Game Reserve.

Selected Work

The Initiation, 2011
Photograph and mixed media
70cm x 45cm

Butterfly, 2015
109 cm x 128 cm

Red Boabab, 2014
112 cm x 85 cm

Ecstasy, 2015
145 cm x 87 cm

Body Guard, 2015
126 cm x 102 cm

Zebra Ballet, 2015
186 cm x 120 cm

Naja and Cheetah, 2015
150 cm x 101 cm

Tribal, 2015
170 cm x 107 cm

Sunset, 2015
145 cm x 87 cm

Little Wing

Dervish Whirl, 2015
145 cm x 87 cm

Lion Stop, 2015
111 cm x 83 cm

The Pirate, 2011
Photograph and mixed media
70cm x 45cm

Il Moran, 2011
Oil on wood
70cm x 45cm