An African Art Affair Logo


As I was growing frustrated with the old model of donation to African communities, I happened to meet young African artists so proud and talented that I decided I should do everything possible to try to promote them yet also give back to their communities. And so “An African Art Affair” was born.

This project is not meant to be a traditional “one sided charity” but rather a way to help great talents from Africa and living in Africa to be recognized and valued by the international art community. By making a living out of their artwork, these artists will gain confidence and pride. The income will improve their welfare and help their community to get better living conditions. The idea is to find the right balance between aid to the artists we promote and the tangible return the donors will receive.

When you start to make math around everything you buy, it is overwhelming. It is like, how many people could I feed for the cost of this branded outfit ? Why not to build that cost into art ?

Many of us, too busy in our own daily life to have the time to focus on the right charity donation, may find our way of approaching charity an appealing alternative : to scout new artists and help them in their way, while receiving something beautiful in return.

Charity is the new luxury, and it has recently become fashionable. It gives people a story to tell and a sense of accomplishment.

Art and philanthropy for Africa is a combination that I hope will gather momentum. It is inspiring to see young art collectors who use their influence to enhance social awareness.

I hope you will share my passion and enthusiasm for that cause.

Monica Cembrola