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Mezgebu TessemaTessema Mezgebu


Being born in the Northern Shoa Administrative region of Ethiopia, Mezgebu started his education at the Enewari elementary school. As a child Mezgebu was an adventurous and very active, it is also the starting point of his bond with nature and her beauty. Mezgebu enjoyed doodling images of his surrounding on his exercise books also liked decorating his class room desk with his sketches. Mezgebu relished wondering arrond the magnificent landscapes of his environment, Long walks with his childhood friends and chatter with the locale farmers and headers use to make his day.
Mezgebu then went on to Highlemariam Mamo comprehensive school in Debrebrehan for higher education; that is when he knew he wanted to be a painter. His youth mostly featured art, volleyball and soccer. Mezgebu also helped out in different kinds of drawing for many occasions including the parent’s day ceremonies. Mezgebu successfully accomplished his highs school education, which paved the way to his enrollment to the MU ale school of fine art and design. As college student Mezgebu was always eager to learn and had a reputation of a hard worker and well-disciplined student in his school community. Mezgebu then graduated with honors and won a scholarship to study at the Ilya Efimovitch Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. He spent seven remarkable years studying and being inspired by the works of the world’s most renowned artists. He disbursed the seven years learning about the mysteries of art. Mezgebu then finished his master’s program with the highest honors.
He then returned to Ethiopia to embark on the career of his life. As a student Mezgebu developed his artistic instincts and skills, combined with his childhood experiences and inspirations he was able to develop his ever logical and wonders philosophes which are reflected on all of his art works.

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MezgebuTessema Mezgebu